Public Housing and the Pandemic: Ensuring the Safety of Vulnerable Tenants

By: Evan Chiarelli Before the COVID-19 pandemic, public housing provided a lifeline to low-income and extremely cost…

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Will Giving the FDA Increased Authority to Regulate Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Give Public Health Policy the Makeover It Needs?

By: Hira Javed The global beauty industry, encompassing cosmetics, personal care products, and fragrances is an economic…

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“High like Planes, or Low like Inadmissibility:” How Racialized Weed Law Intersects with Immigration

By: Khatia Mikadze Consumption of medical and recreational marijuana has grown so much during the last decade…

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Best Interest of the Child Standard as a Means to Discriminate Against Non-Citizen Parents in Family Court

By: Maya Martin Tsukazaki There are many ways that family law and immigration law overlap and intertwine….

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Baby Steps: How the Pandemic Shows Us That America is Failing Its Parents

By: Amanda Grau Trying to work full-time at home with a new baby during a pandemic is…

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COVID and the Courts: Access to Justice During a Pandemic

By: Samira Elhosary A year into the coronavirus pandemic in the US, both state and federal courts…

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From Zoom to Jail: Covid-19’s Effects on the School-to-Prison Pipeline

By: Violet Soliz COVID-19 is the unwelcome student in our nation’s classrooms. In Spring 2020, schools across…

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Implications of the Food and Drug Administration’s Regulation of Genetically Modified Organisms

By: Erin Hadi Genetically Modified Animals (“GM Animal”) are the future of agriculture in the United States. …

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Calculating Compensatory Education: Will Kids Ever Catch Up?

By: Ana Saragoza On March 16, 2020, the United States Department of Education (“ED”) issued boilerplate policy…

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Juvenile Offenders’ Fates Under the New Supreme Court

By: Leanna Samson             Within the Supreme Court’s recent history, it has notably bended its jurisprudence towards…

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