The Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law editorial board and staff are supported by the following faculty advisors.  It is these advisors’ legal expertise, experience, and dedication to developing scholarship that helps shape our publication.

Faculty Advisor Chair

Fernanda Nicola, Professor of Law; Director of the Program on  International Organizations Law and Development 

The Journal would like to welcome Fernanda Nicola as the Journal’s new Faculty Advisor Chair.

Faculty Advisors, Volume 31

Elizabeth BeskeAssociate Professor of Law

Robert Dinerstein, Professor of Law; Director of the Disability Rights Law Clinic

Andrew Ferguson, Professor of Law

Llezlie L. Green, Associate Dean for Experiential Education

Daniela Kraiem, Associate Dean of the Office of Career and Professional Development; Practitioner in Residence

Maya Manian, Professor of Law; Faculty Director of the Health Law and Policy Program

Claudia Martin, Professional Lecturer in Residence and Co-Director

Binny Miller, Professor of Law; C0-Director of the Criminal Justice Clinic

Victoria Phillips, Professor of the Practice of Law

Ezra Rosser, Professor of Law; Associate Dean of the Part-Time and Evening Division

Susana SáCouto, Professional Lecturer-in-Residence and Director of the War Crimes Research Office

Stephen Wermiel, Professor of the Practice of Law


Sharon Wolfe, Coordinator, Journal Administration


The Journal also receives tremendous support from the Washington College of Law Pence Law Library Staff.